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I’ll tell you what’s sexy. A man in a toolbelt. Yes, ask anyone. Verrry sexy. Take a look:

Side view

Isn’t that a sexy man? In a sexy toolbelt. Doing things with electricity. For free.

Back view

Sometimes sexy toolbelt wearing men let bystanders hold things. It should, in theory, increase sex appeal by proximity. But no.

I think toolbelt-wearing men are as sexy as brain surgeons (though not as well paid). Doesn’t this look like a brain?

That’s the corpus callosum right there.  Also, holding your hands over your head does nice things for your abdomen. Take that, flabby surgeon.

And toolbelt wearing men doing things with electricity for free also do nice things for kitchen lighting.  See?

Do you have a sexy toolbelt wearing person in your life? Are YOU a sexy toolbelt wearer? I would like to meet you. One can never have enough sexy people (or toolbelts) in one’s life.


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Fridges and freezers I know, but a gas stove* is new territory for me. This is Chris’s thing: he has been wanting to cook on a gas stove and convection oven for years. He likes the instant on/instant off  and the perky blue flame that lets you know how hot hot is. 

The Kenmore Elite 30″ Self Cleaning Convection Gas Range (phew!) rated well in Consumer Reports and had the features he wanted. I am still not totally sold on stainless as it shows every smudge, and I think black anything just begs “dust me”, but I am not the cook, I am the eater. I have never had a warming drawer before, but it sounds like a cool idea. Don’t know what we will do with 3 oven racks, but I am sure we will think of something.

The one drawback we’ve read about is the back digital panel sometimes fails. I am guessing the this has to do with moisture getting into the circuit board, so will be vigilant about the kettle and other steamy things. That and remembering to run the hood fan when we’re cooking.

So that’s it: four appliances in one day!

*I think “stove” is most commonly used in English Canada even if the appliance is a gas model, despite what the Sears.ca site calls it. I am wondering if “range” is the word used most often in the US. I have heard British friends call a stove/oven combo a “cooker”. What do you call the food heating device in your kitchen?

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Last weekend we bought four kitchen appliances in one day. This after spending hours online in various review sites like Consumer Reports and even asking the good people at Mission Possible (who have a close personal relationship with our Maytag refrigerator) which brands they find most reliable. I also asked Eloise, my sister, what she liked (and didn’t) about her fridge.

We settled on a Samsung 26 cu. ft. french door bottom freezer. We wanted a fridge with french doors to get the best clearance to the island, and a bottom freezer so we could see into the fridge space and not “lose” the leftovers in the back bottom shelf as we do now. I am not a huge fan of stainless, but the gas stove Chris wanted (future post) is stainless…so the fridge is too. What really sold me on the Samsung (thanks to a tip from Eloise)  is what they call (most unfortunately) the “EZ Open Handle” on the freezer drawer: a light lift breaks the magnetic seal and the thing glides out. Sets my arthritic fingers a-quivering with joy.

And happy day, it was $400 dollars off.

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