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We like our porch. It’s a great place to sit and relax. Sadly, it also has a view of what we have called, variously, the carriage house (which sounds too snooty), the out building (too agricultural), and the out house (too scatological). It’s really a shed with a bit of ambition. It even has an annex.

The shed annex-cum-covered bus shelter really bothered Chris. If it had been on the other side of the house, he likely would not have decided to do anything about it. So, the last two-ish weeks of July (last year) were all about the shed (annex). (And yes, this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for 12 months.)

June 2010

Notice the sagging roof line and jumble of tools. Off to the right are the wheel barrow and lawn mower. More of a lean-to thing with a dirt floor that is an occasional litter box for marauding felines. Not really convenient storage for the mower or bikes as they had to be tilted together in a mechanical knot to prevent avalanches. And, except for the very nice honeysuckle drifting over the roof, not a great view from the porch as one sips a mint julep of a summer’s eve.

Here is the progress of the improvement:

Annex roof removed and honeysuckle pulled back

Annex deck

The palm nailer makes the work go quickly

Nelson did most of the roofing and Gary helped with the walls, but both were camera shy (or I have lost the pictures in a file somewhere).

Bikes waiting to be stored neatly in shed

Chris and the finished annex. Still needs door and ramp.

And it could use something to cover up the gravel and landscape fabric. And a door, and some paint. But what an improvement. Nice work, boys.


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