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The Wall

I keep saying how much we like our patio. It’s one of my favourite “rooms” in this house.  If this soggy July weather would pass I would spend a lot more time out there smelling the honeysuckle, listening to the birds, and admiring the wall.

This was the wall:The Wall.

It used to be the dirt-bottomed lean-to annex of the shed, but now, following Chris’s efforts last July, it’s the wall.  Very practical and a step up from the dirt-bottomed lean-to, but a bit boring. Not an eye-sore but in need of a little something.

After a bit of research and mess-making, this is the wall now:

(If you click on that image you’ll see what I mean by rain.)

Planning and Doing

I had thought of doing this, but discovered that it would be surprisingly expensive and fussy. Who knew old window frames were worth fifty bucks? Through June I kept my eyes open for a cheaper alternative.

I lucked into some wire containers at Winners–not on sale but reasonable from my point of view. And I snapped up some not-yet-scraggly bedding plants on sale. I did buy a bag of moss which was probably stupid since we have had so much rain that moss is growing on almost every outdoor surface. I got a two-for-one deal on the potting soil and had some left over landscape fabric.

I don’t have the during pictures which is probably a good thing since the whole process was a bit like making sausage. Moss first, landscape fabric next, then soil and plants. I did it in the kitchen. Messy. Much sweeping ensued. Did you know that pill bugs like sphagnum moss? They don’t move very quickly so I was able to herd them out the door without much drama.


One of the smaller baskets:

In case you are wondering….The impatiens above are Jambalaya Pink Blush.

Tuberous begonia: Non-Stop Bright Rose

I am pretty pleased with the result. The baskets get late afternoon sun and are thriving. I am thinking that even in the winter the baskets will look nice with some holly and fir branches.

Rain or not, the view is much improved.


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A place with good karma

We took possession yesterday.  That sounds very chest-thumpy: really, becoming the owners of Tofino Place feels more like continuing a legacy than “taking” the house. Marilee, the previous owner, left a welcoming house plant and lovely note:

Welcome to your new home. I will miss this house. It holds a lot of good memories for us. I hope you enjoy it and make many new good memories. All the best wishes for you and your family.

We are really looking forward to making great memories here. Yes, we want to update the house and make some changes, but it’s very clear that this home was well loved and is loaded with good karma.

We celebrated our arrival with champagne & OJ and a delicious breakfast shared with Catherine and Carla.

We chatted with our new neighbours on both sides, met some of the neighbourhood dogs, and saw a deer march down the cul de sac. Gary and Barb leaned over the fence in a very Wilson-esque (Home Improvement) manner and brought us up to speed on where to borrow tools. Did I say they have a pool?

I brought over the stone bird and tucked it in the garden.

We sat on the deck enjoying the backyard, and then we got to work.

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