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Happiness in a Can

I have always been fascinated watching hands at work. Hands doing things like kneading bread, gutting fish, or re-wiring an electrical panel. Playing a piano, performing massage, or filling out a tax return–whatever. Things I don’t do with my fat flippers. I find my keen observational skills allow me to live vicariously through others, so when I am watching people doing real work I share their sense of accomplishment. If you are reading between the lines, you have figured out that I am lazy.

It has been quite lovely to watch Scott Judson of Knockout Painting turn our blah rooms into the spaces we want to live in. It’s as if I did it myself! (No, Jan, it isn’t.) He makes painting look easy.

Scott cuts in scary good:.

And rolls scary good:

In progress shot with cool paint holder tool that I wish I had invented:

Combined with the work done on the drywall on walls and ceilings in various parts of the house, Scott’s painting has this place sparkling. Yes, paint is happiness in a can–paint really changed this house.

Because the walls made me crazy. We have deduced that the house was mudded by a one-armed blind drywaller with the DTs. I mean, really:

And more (try to keep your focus on the wall, please):

You weren’t able to, were you? Fine. But paint and plaster make things shiny-nice. See?:

I should back up. When you have no real talent in the home decor department, you rely on your creative friends. My friend Courtney is the sort of person who should run the world. Things would get done. Good, important things. Everyone would look great, eat well, and have fun all the time. In her past life, Courtney was an interior designer: she just has a knack for colour. Courtney came over with her colour fan and we spent the afternoon going from room to room saying “umm”, “hmm”, and “ahh”. She helped me settle on the colours.

Courtenay’s lovely daughter Clementine (a renowned dog whisperer) babysat the Luke and Solo while we adults made guttural sounds about the walls. Note the wall behind Clementine. What colour would you call that, exactly?

Now, describing colour is like describing ______ (something that I can’t describe–simile failure).  I tried finding colour swatches to stick on this page, but to no avail. The paint is Benjamin Moore from our favourite paint store, House of Color. So here is my best shot at colour description:

Hush AF-95  This colour is kind of a creamy beigey grey but on the warm or cool side depending on how you hold your head.

Cailente AF-290 This is a red, but not too red, more of a grey orange red, but warmish, and spicey-like.

Dill Pickle 2147-40 Not the colour of dill pickles at all. More like an avocado, but sweeter, but not limey, but not yellow.

Hmm. Apparently I do not have a future in the home decor industry. Or in the colour naming industry. Simon Cowell would sneer.

So here are the colours, such as they are, seen through my camera lens and your computer screen. And as such are nothing at all the way they appear on our walls.

Do tell about your adventures in colour. Or paint. Or drywall. Or composting. Or making things with Popsicle sticks. Whatever. I am interested.


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